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Points & Coupons


> What Are Points And Coupons?
EnjoyOurs offers various points and coupons for discounts. You can use points or coupons at the checkout when you purchase products from our website.

. Each 100 points equals 1usd. Only multiples of 100 can be used. For example, 688 points can only be used to decrease $6 for your order and still remain 88 points in your account.
. Coupons always have time limit and the minimum expense limit

> Where Do I Get Coupons?
. During some promotions
. Exchange EnjoyOurs Points for coupons
. Refer a friend coupons

> Where Do I Get Points?
. Refer a friend
. Save products in “My favorites” (Maximum 5 points per day)
. Review products with videos or pictures: Product Reviews 10 Points, Pictures 10 Points, Videos 30 Points
. Product Purchase: Every dollar you spend on products earns you points, 1 USD = 1 point. Points will be awarded after payment has been received.

> How Can I Redeem Coupons?
During the checkout process there is the option to choose the coupons and use points